Because we love nature, we at CANELO® only use high-quality plant soaps, extracts and oils!

Soaps based on coconut oil

CANELO® shampoos are based on mild detergent substances made from coconut oil. You will not find synthetic and petroleum-based surfactants here.

Soaps based on rape oil

Rapeseed oil not only plays an important role in the kitchen, you can also make great soaps from rape oil. We use these rapeseed soaps in our CANELO® dog textile detergent – a perfect alternative to palm oil soaps from far away or artificially produced soaps. The good is often so close at hand.

Extract of birch

Birch strengthens, nourishes and protects skin and hair. This extract can have a particularly positive effect on dandruff. In addition, birch extract is said to have a hair-growth-promoting effect (contained in CXEVALO® coat care spray and CANELO® dog coat care spray).

Nettle extract

One of the main active ingredients in CANELO® shampoos and coat care spray is nettle extract. Nettle extract gives the coat a natural shine and is described in literature as having an anti-allergenic effect. It is therefore also ideal for treating itchy skin complaints.

Hamamelis extract

Has anti-inflammatory, astringent (=contracting), cooling, skin soothing and especially antioxidant properties. Contained in CANELO® coat care spray.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is said to have an antibacterial effect and due to its unique scent it is often used for nervousness. As a real all-rounder, lavender oil also scores against insect bites and the skin irritations associated with them.

(Swiss) Stone pine oil

Stone pine oil has always been known to improve the indoor air. Research has even shown that some of the ingredients in Swiss stone pine oil are able to bind unpleasant odours. Therefore, Swiss stone pine oil is an indispensable ingredient in CANELO® dog textile detergent.

Natürliche Hundepflege aus Österreich von CANELO
Natürliche Hundepflege aus Österreich von CANELO
Natürliche Hundepflege aus Österreich von CANELO
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