Poodle lady Lychee has tested the CANELO® Classic Shampoo. The conclusion: Lychee became radiantly clean and the usual itching after washing did not occur.

Hallo liebes CANELO®-Team!

We have tested the dog shampoo Classic Dog and Lychee is a dwarf poodle lady. I do not have to wash her often, but her coat is very demanding. I was very satisfied with the product, or are we still. It convinced us above all because it foams really well and you can see which parts you have already caught.

What convinced me even more was that Lychee didn’t scratch himself afterwards. That’s what usually happens after washing and I personally don’t like that, and Lychee certainly doesn’t like that either.

Canelo consists only of natural scents, but still has a very good smell.

We can definitely recommend Canelo’s shampoo – and of course the other products!

Best regards from Carinthia,

Laura with Lychee

LycheethePoodle – Dog trainer with assistance dog
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