Shih Tzu dog Ayla suffers from itchy skin problems. The coat care spray eased the complaints.

Dear Canelo Team,

on September 13th I received your package. Filled with joy I opened it and was totally excited about the amount of product! Ayla (Shih Tzu) suffers from skin problems/itching. She got redness and small crusts in her stomach area and often scratched her body. Special shampoos and regular brushing did not help. So I hoped to achieve a desired result with your product. I got the brush and brushed it through once, then I sprayed it on the coat and worked it in. (It says on the product that only affected areas should be sprayed, but I use it for the whole body). The first thing I noticed is the TOLL lavender scent! Ayla the scent is a little too intense, but after the third day of brushing she got used to it. Also the coat is a little bit grippy in the beginning, but this goes away within 15-20 minutes and becomes silky. I use your product every 2 days and that not a little, the more surprised I am that the product is a little more than ¾ full. It is now 2 ½ weeks since we used your product and I am thrilled! Ayla doesn’t scratch herself as much anymore and the most important thing: the redness and crusts are gone! I love this spray. I am really happy to have found a product that works. Thanks a lot for that! I was already desperate not to find a solution for the problem.